What Happens to Joe Biden if Hunter Biden Is Charged?

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It’s been five years since Hunter Biden first came under scrutiny for his shady foreign business dealings, but despite mounting evidence, no charges have been filed against him… yet. However, recent developments suggest that the embattled son of Joe Biden may soon find himself in legal trouble. U.S. Attorney David Weiss of Delaware, a Donald Trump appointee, is reportedly considering four charges against Hunter, including tax evasion and lying on a government form while purchasing a gun—a felony. Hunter also has his ongoing paternity suit, which is threatening to blow up even more details surrounding his shady finances. And then, of course, there is the ongoing investigation of the House Oversight Committee, which claims there is evidence of a pay-to-play scheme while Joe Biden was vice president.

Should Hunter Biden be charged, it could have significant consequences for both him and his father, President Joe Biden. Hunter has denied wrongdoing, and Joe Biden has claimed that his son has done nothing wrong, but the evidence against him keeps piling up. If charged, he may face trial in the middle of the 2024 presidential campaign, putting his father in the terrible position of trying to run for reelection as his son faces federal charges.

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It’s true that that we’ve come to expect the mainstream media to protect Joe Biden at all costs. We’ve seen for years many mainstream news outlets being reluctant to report on Hunter Biden’s legal troubles, with some even dismissing them as baseless conspiracy theories. But the moment Hunter is charged with any crime, this becomes news that even Biden’s most shameless boosters in the media can’t ignore.

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We’ve already seen this happen. The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was widely reported on and was the watershed moment of Biden’s presidency, sending his approval ratings underwater, where they have remained ever since. It was just too big a story to ignore, and it became the most consequential moment of Joe Biden’s presidency. Later, his classified documents scandal was another story that the liberal media could have ignored, but didn’t. In both cases, the media was forced to cover the story, even if it was uncomfortable for some to do so, and they were even forced to ask tough questions. Make no mistake about it, if Hunter is charged, the media will have to report on it, bringing every angle of this story into the light.

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Should this happen, it may be the first time many Americans hear about Hunter Biden’s legal troubles and all the sordid details of his shady business dealings and how they are linked to Joe Biden. I don’t have a lot of faith in the mainstream media, but charges against Hunter Biden would force their hand, and it would be extremely difficult for them to spin Hunter’s legal troubles as being independent from his father. If the whole country is asking who the “Big Guy” who got 10% of Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals was, then Joe Biden, who is already limping his way into the election season, will be in even more trouble.

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