INSANE: Leftists in New York City Protesting for Jordan Neely Block Subway Tracks (VIDEO)

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Leftists in New York City who are protesting over the death of Jordan Neely tonight thought it would be a good idea to block trains by getting down onto the tracks.

It’s positively stunning when you contemplate how dangerous and stupid this was.

If anything went wrong with one of the trains, these people could have been dismembered or severely injured and trapped under a train.

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How are people this reckless?

People who were just trying to get somewhere on the train were annoyed, and who can blame them?

One subway worker pointed out that they also could have been electrocuted.

These people are putting others at risk, too.

This is even worse than blocking highways. Both practices are dangerous and stupid, both can get you killed and both will make average people hate you and your cause, but standing on train tracks takes things to a whole new level.

It’s not activism, it’s terrorism.

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