‘Ant-Man’ actress rants against people ‘villainizing’ masculinity in men while ‘debasing’ femininity in women

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Evangeline Lilly unleashed a rant against those in society who undermine masculinity in men and femininity in women and found a lot of support among her followers.

Lilly is best known for her portrayal of the Hope Van Dyne character in the “Ant-Man” movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

She posted the comments in the caption of a photograph of herself on Instagram.

“Why are we only applauding masculinity in women and villainizing it in men? And why are we only applauding femininity in men and debasing it in women? Why can’t we just allow for all of it?” Lilly asked rhetorically.

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“Why do we feel the need to vilify a man wearing s***-kicker boots, driving a pick-up truck who’s not afraid to punch someone in the face, but if they were a woman, they would be the epitome of cool?” she added. “Why is a man who loves make-up, cries easily and stays at home to tend to the domestic responsibilities valiant, but a woman who does the same is pathetic?”

She went on to ascribe the phrase “Do not judge” to religious leaders including Jesus Christ and Buddha.

“Let each be who they are and let us teach grace and charity above all things,” she added.

Lilly has made headlines in the past for opposing the vaccine mandate and standing with the truckers who blockaded traffic in Canada to protest against vaccine requirements. In the early stage of the pandemic, she accused the government of overreaching in its shutdown demands.

Her newest post on gender roles garnered more than 31,000 likes on Instagram.

“Grace and charity are cornerstones of a thriving society and should not be abandoned. We need them like we need democracy, justice and peace. And, without them, we can’t have democracy, justice or peace,” she concluded before quoting St. Augustine of Hippo.

Lilly was known previously for acting in the popular television series “Lost.”

Here’s more about Lilly’s politics:

‘Ant-Man’s Evangeline Lilly PROTESTS Against COVID Vaccine Mandateswww.youtube.com

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