Murderous, Imperialist CCP Claims U.S. Is World’s No. 1 ‘Source of Chaos’

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Speak for yourself, China. The genocidal Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which continually infiltrates and subverts other governments, and runs over 50 illicit police stations abroad, just accused the U.S. of being the world’s “biggest source of chaos.” It would be like Joe Biden lecturing someone on how to raise an honest son.

In a May 4 editorial, CCP propaganda outlet Global Times slammed “the US’ illegal, coercive, and unethical behaviors” and had the hutzpah to claim “China has become the main force in safeguarding international fairness, justice and rules.” China, whose government is the world’s biggest mass murderer. China, which runs the worst authoritarian surveillance state—not just at home, but abroad. As of October 2022, there were 54 CCP police stations identified in more than two dozen countries around the world. More stations have since been identified, including at least six in the U.S. alone. Then there’s the CCP’s “50 Cent Army,” the large group of internet trolls and propagandists who promote the CCP and bash its enemies online.

The CCP is constantly infiltrating and attempting to influence—through money or other means—countries and global entities all around the world, across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. It wages economic warfare against other countries, particularly the U.S., and infiltrates or buys off other governments and political leaders (including the U.S.).

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The United Nations panders to and is heavily influenced by the CCP, and the World Economic Forum is beholden to the CCP. The CCP weaponizes media, drug running, and culture—not to mention bioweapons. Yet the CCP unashamedly labels the U.S. the world’s biggest source of chaos. Sorry, CCP, but you won that title long ago, and you’re working hard to keep it.

From Global Times:

China’s National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center and cybersecurity company 360 jointly released an investigation report on Thursday, revealing the long-standing use of cyber attacks by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) against other countries…

These activities have once again confirmed the US’ title of the “biggest source of chaos in the world,” while the CIA is the black hand that messes up the world to maintain US hegemony. Wherever the CIA goes, there will be chaos…It is like a syringe filled with viruses, silently stabbing countries with a hidden needle and leaving a festering wound…

The US, with the help of massive hidden illegal acts, black money and other means, artificially distorts other countries’ internal logic, destroys the natural political laws and rhythms, and bluntly interferes in their internal affairs.”

The CCP seems to have gone down the list of its own crimes and reapplied them to the CIA and the U.S.

I’m not denying that the CIA is corrupt and has probably committed crimes (not to mention the rest of the U.S. government, particularly the Biden administration). But that’s a topic for another day—and the CIA/U.S. government certainly doesn’t come even close to the evil the CCP has brought to the world.

Ultimately, the CCP is just attempting to cover for its own crimes by accusing its biggest enemy. The CCP is the greatest threat to freedom and justice the world has ever seen, and no amount of lying can obscure that.

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