Top medical school programs provide ‘gender affirming care’ to 2-year-olds: Report

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Medical programs at North Carolina schools provide “gender affirming care” to patients as young as two years old, according to a new report released by the Education First Alliance, a grassroots community dedicated to upholding traditional American values.

The report, released this week, revealed that medical programs at Duke University, the University of North Carolina, and East Carolina University offer gender-transitioning resources to toddlers supposedly suffering from gender dysphoria. It also accused the medical programs of training primary care doctors on so-called transitioning “treatment.”

Duke Medicine, which opened its Gender Clinic in 2015, has been treating patients as young as 2, the report noted.

In a 2016 interview with the Charlotte Observer, Director of Duke Child and Adolescent Gender Care Dr. Deanna Adkins stated about her toddler-age patients, “They are not old enough to consciously just choose to do that. … It is not a choice in any of my patients. It’s really an unpleasant thing to have going on in your body to feel that distress about yourself. I can’t imagine anyone who would choose to do that.”

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According to Adkins, “It is counter to medical science to use chromosomes, hormones, internal reproductive organs, external genitalia, or secondary sex characteristics to override gender identity for purposes of classifying someone as male or female.”

In court testimony from 2020, Adkins claimed that children do not receive drugs or surgical intervention before puberty. Instead, she claimed that treatment for young children is “limited to ‘social transition,’ which means allowing a transgender child to live and be socially recognized in accordance with their gender identity” by using their preferred pronouns and letting the child wear clothing that aligns with their preferred gender.

The report noted that UNC Health’s gender clinic treats patients as young as three. It also stated that the clinic provides free cross-sex hormones every third Wednesday.

A “Pride Clinic” recently opened at ECU Health. The clinic’s director, Dr. Colby Dendy, told the East Carolinian that children can “start around age four having their gender identity.”

“A big part of our goal is to provide affirming primary care to everybody in LGBTQ+ spectrum,” Dendy said.

Education First Alliance accused the doctors and gender clinics of intentionally socially transitioning children at a young age to “generate enormous amounts of cash because patients will likely rely on a lifetime of medication.”

Founder of Education First Alliance Sloan Rachmuth and Dr. Nancy Anderson told “Fox & Friends First” that physicians provide controversial gender-transitioning treatment to children without any pushback.

“There are activists that are now physicians and medical providers who have radical progressive ideologies who have no problem with socially transitioning two, three, four-year-olds in gender-affirming care,” Anderson said. “And just to clarify, these institutions are very specific about the mode of treatment as gender-affirming care, which means that this is a pathway, a highway that you can’t get off of.”

“As soon as the child thinks or pretends they might be a different sex, then that must be affirmed, and no questions asked,” she added.

Rachmuth explained that the situation had gotten “really bad.”

“We’ve been told for years by the left that this isn’t going on, and if it is, it’s maybe 16-year-old, 17-year-olds here and there, but it is going on,” Rachmuth stated. “Their aim is to turn these places into pill mills for children… as young as two, starting with the social and then moving with the hormones and so forth.”

Duke University, the University of North Carolina, and East Carolina University did not respond to a request for comment, Fox News Digital reported.

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