The ‘Fix Is In’ for Hunter Biden’s Backdoor Pardon

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Now that Joe Biden has officially announced his next boffo basement campaign for president, the heat is on to get the pesky Hunter Biden legal problems out of the way. The object is so these legal issues can be referred to as “old news” and long forgotten by the media until they finally come to after Election Day and the coast is clear for Democrats. “The fix is in” to wipe Hunter’s legal slate clean, according to at least one former U.S. Attorney.

Meetings to get Hunter Biden a pardon — or something very much like it — are happening right in front of the White House ciphers who used to be known as a  White House press corps. The media reported on the meeting but failed to consider what it means. But that’s why you read PJ Media.

Hunter Biden’s legal entourage met last week with Department of Justice (DOJ) “career tax attorneys” at his attorneys’ request (try this if you’re a January 6-er) to discuss a deal to get Hunter free of what would no doubt be charges of tax fraud, and for violating the “Foreign Agents Registration Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which would involve bribery, conspiracy, and kickbacks to the Biden family,” according to former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Joe diGenova.

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There are copious amounts of evidence that show Hunter has been monetizing Dad’s office and distributing those proceeds — bribes — to at least a dozen members of the Biden family.  Evidence has been found in his laptop, which our White House press corps dismissed as Russian disinformation — luckily for Joe — right before the 2020 election.

Congressman James Comer’s Oversight Committee has uncovered copious evidence to show that the Biden family got payoffs from a Chinese energy company representative as well as a Russian oligarch, and that this transactional relationship between the Bidens and unsavory characters “threatens national security.” Well, of course it does.

Townhall’s Larry O’Connor has been reporting on the possibility of Biden’s “wingman” Merrick Garland working out a legal deal for Hunter Biden which would in effect be a pardon.

O’Connor spoke to key Oversight Committee member Jim Jordan on his Salem News Channel program and asked about Hunter’s rap sheet.

What is it now? One hundred and 70 suspicious activity reports,  thousands of pages – multiple, multiple LLCs – he was receiving money from all kinds of foreign countries, foreign entities, that money now going to 12 different members of the Biden family.

And, of course, the fundamental question that you got to keep asking all the time is what did they do to get the money? What was the service they provided? What warranted the receipt of funds? What value did they add? What did they do? And it doesn’t appear to be anything.

So that all is suspicious, as the names of these reports would indicate, we’ll just have to see what they will do with the Delaware U.S. Attorney. We’ll see what happens.

Well, it turns out another one of Larry’s guests on his WMAL radio show, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Joe diGenova, says these DOJ meetings are designed to swap a plea deal for lesser charges. “This is a sweetheart plea deal in exchange for some kind of plea in a felony tax case, perhaps a gun case, illegally obtaining a gun while lying on a federal form about whether or not he was a drug addict. That’s going to be the deal.”

But it gets more complicated. What diGenova believes Merrick Garland and the Special Counsel looking into the Bidens (based in Wilmington, DE., — Joe’s home state) will do is get Hunter Biden to plead to the lesser offense “and probably no time” — no Washington gulag for Hunter! Then “they will drop any investigation [which was already completed by the FBI a year ago] into Foreign Agents Registration Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which would involve bribery, conspiracy, and kickbacks to the Biden family, all of which will be dropped aside. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen.”

DiGenova says no Delaware federal judge will dare step on the toes of their benefactor, Joe Biden, to deny such a plea deal.

Delaware is Mississippi 1964. The bottom line is, even the federal judges in Delaware – that’s a very small town and people don’t understand.

There’s one federal court in Delaware in Wilmington. And all the judges sit in that courthouse. They’ve all been confirmed by Joe Biden, who was chairman of the Judiciary Committee or ranking member.

[…]There isn’t a judge in that courthouse in Wilmington who has the cajones to reject the plea deal. None. And that deal will be accepted “because the court cannot force the prosecution to bring a case. The prosecutors could just walk away and say fine we’re not going to bring any case. You don’t want this one? It’s over. Thanks a lot, judge, we appreciate it.

The net result is that Hunter would get his plea deal, or no investigation, and Joe doesn’t have to use political capital to give his crackhead son a pardon. DiGenova says the elder Biden is prepared to pardon the family bag man.

It could explain why Hunter and his family are using the White House as a personal Airbnb, to stay within arm’s reach of the DOJ deal makers and away from his baby mama’s process servers.

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Jordan told O’Connor he’s hoping there’s still equal justice at the Justice Department.

If you look at the broader picture, we know the DA in … Manhattan has indicted President Trump. If they do what I think – I’m afraid might happen which is they do it in Georgia and then the Special Counsel Jack Smith indicts President Trump, and it looks like Hunter Biden gets what you just described, and there’s no indictment of Joe Biden on the classified documents issue, that is a scary situation – the country will say, ‘What is going on here?’ So, that’s the part that concerns me just for our culture, our country for equal treatment under the law.

DiGenova, who has been at the pointy end of the Merrick Garland Justice Department and is suing the DOJ, isn’t as hopeful as Jordan. He told O’Connor, “The fix is in. This is going to be a sweetheart deal. The fact that career tax division attorneys are going to go along with this shows you just how rotten that place is at 9th and Constitution.”

All of this won’t be reported by the legacy media until it’s done and outrage will be moot.

And Joe will laugh.

Biden finds the relationship between the White House and its Democrat rapid response team ensconced in the James Brady Press Room pretty funny. He joked about it over the weekend at the White House Correspondents Dinner, or whatever the hell they call this red carpet embarrassment, where Vanderpump Rules’s Lala and the LA Times huddle together at a table. Perhaps they discussed how the Times turns over its questions to Karine Jean-Pierre before the president can “answer” them.

At the yearly event, featuring a usually unfunny comedian who is purchased to say things out loud that reporters only joke about in D.C.’s green rooms, the press got the biggest kick out of Joe Biden. That guy is such a cutup, they slobber to each other over French gimlets.

Joe slurred, “In a lot of ways this dinner sums up my first two years in office. I’ll talk for 10 minutes, take zero questions, and cheerfully walk away.” Hollywood and the “press” all laughed.

For if they paid attention to what was happening, they may have noticed that a pardon, or something like it, was being hashed out in the bowels of the Department of Justice.

And that’s not justice.

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