‘Monte Python’ Star: ‘Biological Men In Women’s Sports Have an Unfair Advantage’

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British comedian and Monte Python star John Cleese may be a celebrity, but that doesn’t mean he’s sold out for the progressive agenda.

In fact, Cleese is an ardent critic of biological men competing in women’s sports, something most of his celebrity peers seem to have no problem with.

Cleese quote-tweeted a post from British journalist Martin Daubney regarding Daubney’s reaction to a cycling race that took place in the United Kingdom. A transgender female entered into the women’s division and unsurprisingly won the race, something the journalist rightfully said should not have happened, with which Cleese agreed.

Biological men in women’s sports have an unfair advantage https://t.co/Aq1elOdFsh

— John Cleese (@JohnCleese) April 30, 2023

While progressives might consider Cleese’s position just a flesh wound to their cause (especially considering that so many other celebrities support transgenders in women’s sports), it is encouraging to know that even some prominent entertainment stars still possess a capacity to reason and think logically.

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While Cleese and Daubney might not realize it, their position is encouraging to everyday citizens who still hold on to truth in an age of lies.

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