Biden Can’t Hide His Age and Mental Decline, so Why Try?

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Joe Biden was no spring chicken back in 2020, but the pandemic gave him the opportunity to run for president from his basement in a greatly scaled-back campaign that kept him a relatively safe distance from the voters. He won’t get to do that this time around, and it defies logic and common sense that he thinks he can pull it off.

Recent reports suggest that Biden has a very limited time window in which he can function properly. White House officials have acknowledged that “his age has decreased his energy levels, significantly constraining his schedule.”

According to certain White House officials, arranging public or private events with the president during mornings, evenings, or weekends can be challenging. Biden tends to hold the majority of his public events on weekdays, specifically between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

This comes a month after White House Physician Kevin O’Connor laughably declared Biden “a healthy, vigorous, 80-year-old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency, to include those as Chief Executive, Head of State and Commander in Chief.” So, perhaps we need to have a discussion about whether the White House has been covering up Biden’s physical and mental deficiencies. If White House officials are saying Biden only has a six-hour window for being in the public eye, one can’t help but wonder what he’s like off camera.

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It’s not like Axios is the only outlet that’s noticing. Other networks are reporting on concerns about Biden’s age as well. Biden may be quick to dismiss these concerns, but the White House is also trying to give Kamala Harris a boost these days — an undeniable acknowledgment that Biden’s age and health is an issue for voters, and a terrible strategy, considering that her approval ratings are even worse than his.

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The public can’t turn a blind eye to the disturbing reality that Biden has a mere six-hour window, five days a week, where he is functional enough to attend public events. And he’s not exactly impressive during that limited window, either. He awkwardly reads off a teleprompter, relies on cheat sheets, and only answers a few select questions.

Can this feeble display be sustained throughout a presidential campaign, let alone another term in office? The answer is a resounding no. Being the leader of the United States is an incredibly demanding job, both physically and mentally. The President must be able to handle long hours, frequent travel, and high-stress situations without faltering. Biden clearly can’t handle this, and the White House isn’t being transparent about the situation at all. Not even Biden’s own doctor can be honest about his health.

The question then arises, why is Joe Biden running again? Those close to him are undoubtedly aware of the stark reality of his physical and mental health. Some rumors have circulated that his bid for another term is an attempt to safeguard his son, Hunter Biden, so that he can be pardoned in the event of a criminal charge or conviction. However, this theory seems unlikely, as any Democratic candidate could have promised such a pardon in exchange for Joe’s endorsement if he were to step aside. The only explanation is that Joe Biden, as weak physically and mentally as he is, is the best shot the Democrats have, because their bench of potential candidates is so weak.

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