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Al Capone was a gangster and a businessman who lived and ruled over the streets of Chicago for the first half of the twentieth century. He grew up in organized crime, took over the Windy City Mob during prohibition, and amassed his wealth through bootlegging and enforcement. His relationship with Mayor Thompson and the Chicago Police afforded him protection. That was until he called for killing seven mob rivals in broad daylight in what became known as the Valentine’s Day Massacre. The public turned on him and demanded he be taken down. The only offense that Al Capone was convicted of and imprisoned for was tax evasion.

Hunter Biden may not be a gangster, but he is an extortionist and manipulator and has used his family name for the last two decades to shake down foreign companies and governments. He has amassed millions for the Biden family, and evidence surfaced that as many as nine family members have shared in his money laundering campaign. This system of trading power for money only works if his father, President Joe Biden, remains in office. That is why the Biden family is pushing Joe for another term in the White House even though it is evident that he is not physically and mentally fit for the job.

Hunter Biden has a well-documented life of depravity and has no apparent skills to support the positions and contracts that he has been able to negotiate. Companies have paid him millions to sit on their boards, and countries have given him considerable sums to invest for them. All of his activities are a sham. He was selling exposure and influence with his father when Joe Biden was a Vice President and now as President. Hunter Biden is just the tip of the sword for the Biden Cabral, and the impact on the American political system is the actual crime to be answered for. It is safe to say that Joe Biden would not be sitting in the Oval Office without the concerted effort of the government to protect Hunter Biden. There appears to be a plan to sacrifice Hunter with tax evasion crimes rather than let the system expose the sins of the father and many high-ranking operatives in many facets of the D.C. political world. This is the comparison I make between Hunter Biden and Al Capone. The American people cannot let this American Crime Family, the Bidens, off on a simple tax code violation.

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It has come to light that Antony Blinken, now Secretary of State, and Merrick Garland, now Attorney General, conspired to protect the Bidens by coercing fifty former members of the intelligence community to sign a letter acknowledging the claims of Hunter Biden’s activities and the infamous Hunter Laptop as Russian misinformation. The plan worked, attention was directed away from Hunter and Joe during the 2020 election, and Joe Biden went on to defeat Donald Trump for the Presidency. Unfortunately for the Bidens, the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives in 2022. Behind the efforts of Jim Jordan and James Comer, House Committees are bringing the sins of the Bidens and the government to light. The evidence is mounting and clear, and the case against the Bidens is becoming too strong for the mainstream media to ignore. The media has been as complicit with the Bidens and as guilty as the government officials who played a role. And, by the way, the Hunter Laptop does exist.

The Bidens are guilty of embezzling millions worldwide to influence and compromise the man who has held the two highest offices in the land during their crime spree. They have influenced elections and have corrupted our Justice Department, Intelligence Agencies, and the White House with their actions. They have jeopardized our National Security because relationships with Joe Biden and our adversaries have been compromised by payoffs to the Bidens. It would be the crime of the century to allow these people to escape justice by letting Hunter Biden take the fall for cheating on his taxes. I fear our government may not be strong enough to police its own. The corruption goes so deep. We may be unable to find enough honest people to soil themselves to take down the Biden Crime Family.

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