Boston Globe Offer: Subscribe for $1, We’ll Give $5 to Green Leftists!

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On Friday morning, I received a promotional email from The Boston Globe with a unique subscription offer: Get a 6-month digital subscription for $1, and the Globe would donate $5 to a leftist environmental charity. Boy, that says a lot about who the Globe thinks its audience is! And who they’re favoring in the “climate crisis” debate. 

You might say “How does that help the paper? To donate $5 for every $1?” Because often when you sign up for a $1 subscription, they start auto-billing you at the end of the cheap subscription. It’s there in small print, in black and white: “At the end of your introductory period, you will continue to be billed every 4 weeks for $27.72 (99¢/day) unless you cancel your subscription.”

It’s also plain the Environmental League of Massachusetts is leftist: 

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A brief peek at ELM’s Facebook page shows you they’ve recently announced that next month, they’re giving an award to Obama and Biden climate official Gina McCarthy for her “bold vision” on “Earth Night” at Fenway Park, at a Red Sox game. The award will be given by Biden climate czar John Kerry:

At that event, ELM will also honor two other Democrats, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu and Massachusetts House Speaker Ronald Mariano. ELM also has a super PAC to support green candidates. The Globe offer doesn’t tell potential subscribers that their money isn’t going to the PAC.

A quick search of the Nexis database shows the Globe has offered 21 articles in the last year citing ELM as a source — including an August 17, 2022 story on how Boston’s Mayor Wu agitated for a ban on fossil-fuel hookups (gas stoves) in new construction. Let’s guess there will be no disclosure in forthcoming stories that the Globe is a contributor to ELM.

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