WATCH: Medical Provider Says U.S. Military Policy Hides Sexualization of Kids From Parents

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If a newly released video is accurate, we might have to change the Navy song to “Genders away, my folx, genders away! Farewell to decency, we groom the kids all day.” A medical practitioner was caught on video during a Navy-sponsored presentation in Bahrain saying that it’s U.S. military policy to ask children sexually explicit questions, including about “gender” orientation, without parental knowledge or permission.

On Steve Bannon’s War Room, director/producer and show host Robby Starbuck highlighted information from a document that he said was written by military doctors who advise the military on “transgender care” policy. A screenshot of the document, for the HEADSSS program, shows suggested questions to ask children ages 12 years and up. These include: “Have you messaged photos or texts that you have later regretted? How often do you view pornography (or nude images or videos) online?”

Starbuck also tweeted a video clip of a Navy medical provider telling sailors in Bahrain that the questions were asked of children as young as twelve and that the “Navy’s policy circumvents a parent’s rights to know.” The Navy presenter said the third S in HEADSSS stands for (as she melodramatically and jokingly emphasized) “Sex.” With young people more “open” to “experiencing and experimenting” with sex, as she put it, there are certain questions she asks. She listed examples: “Do you identify as a male, female, or non-binary? If you—if you had a crush on someone, is it a male or a female? Do you have a significant other?”

The presenter emphasized, “And yes, I am asking them if they are having sex.” “At twelve years old. Twelve years old. Not the clinic policy…it is big Navy/DMED/DHA [policy].” The woman, a medical practitioner, was practically chortling that she could ask these sexually explicit and LGBTQ-influenced questions of 12-year-olds under military policy, and sometimes without parents knowing. DHA is the U.S. military’s Defense Health Agency, which works with the Navy, Army, and Air Force. DMED is the military’s Defense Medical Epidemiology Database, which stores data “for all active and reserve component service members.” What the presenter was indicating is that it’s not only Navy policy, but policy for all military branches, since DHA and DMED between them cover all military branches.

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“At twelve years old, parents cannot look at their children’s clinical records online,” the presenter went on. “At fifteen or sixteen, because it depends on state law…there are four things a child can come into clinic without—and schedule their own appointment, and we don’t have to tell their parents.”  These are mental health, birth control, pregnancy tests, and sexually transmitted infections (STI). The fact that military doctors can see children for all those things without the parents knowing is insane and harmful. How has this been allowed?

A man, apparently the Navy member filming the woman, spoke up. “When did this policy of preventing parents from being able to access their minor children’s medical records [online] start?” The presenter, who said she has been a “practicing provider for six years,” replied that she did not know but at least that long, to her knowledge. The woman claimed she encourages children to talk to their parents, but her laughter at parental ignorance and repeated emphasis on what parents aren’t allowed to know automatically seem to make that assertion questionable.

The provider did then apparently characterize parental access to records upon request about the four topics listed above as “breaking…trust” between the child and the practitioner. The man filming challenged the presenter again, noting that minors “are not of consenting age.” He said he has two children, a teen and a pre-teen, and he was never “notified of this policy” until just recently. “Personally, I think it’s absolutely abhorrent that medical professionals will keep that kind of information from parents, especially if there’s” pregnancy or STIs, he said.

“Especially when it comes to gender,” the man went on. “There’s so many things that are poisoning our kids’ minds on social media when it comes to this gender ideology, and then medical professionals are now no longer required to disclose that kind of information to parents, I think is absolutely abhorrent and disgusting.” As a parent, the man said, “I am shaking right now, ‘cause I am furious” that medical professionals could hide from him such key information about his children. If such a deception were ever practiced on him, the Navy member said, he’d go after the medical licenses of the people who hid the information from him about his children, because he wants to keep his children “safe.”

The man got a round of applause from the other service members, but the obviously annoyed presenter snappily fired back, “Just like you are an advocate for your children, I am an advocate for your child.” Cue the lie detector buzz. The presenter said she is sometimes the first person the child tells about the important sexual information, and that some parents have a “closed mind,” and “that’s why they keep those secrets.” Like parents who don’t want their 14-year-olds “experimenting” with sex or their 12-year-olds trying to identify as the opposite sex, maybe?

The presenter asserted that “closed mind[ed]” parents can lead to teen suicides. A frequent lie that detransitioners (transgenders who return to their biological sex) bring up when explaining how parents and children are talked into irreversible sex transition surgeries and treatments is that the young people are told they will commit suicide if they don’t receive transgender “care.” Often it’s asserted that transition will help suicidal tendencies, without evidence provided. The man filming asked the presenter if she was saying that the “minor child, someone who can’t consent to anything…you’re saying that minor child, they have, the ‘medical professional’ has more rights than the parent over that child?…That’s the Navy’s policy?” The woman first tried to be evasive, but when pressed to say if the Navy policy “circumvents a parent’s rights to know,” she finally replied, “Yes.”

It’s all about sexualizing children. Children as young as twelve (or even older teenagers) shouldn’t be having sex. They certainly shouldn’t be trying to change their “gender.” Leftists aren’t interested in caring for children—they want to bombard children with constant sexual content to normalize it. The sexual revolution and now LGBTQ ideology have only brought more misery, fewer lasting relationships, and all kinds of physical harms like STDs to American youth. LGBTQ-identifying youth have very high rates of depression. This is propaganda, not care. I don’t know about you, but I call what this Navy presenter does “grooming.”

God bless that father for challenging the presenter/medical provider, who was literally gleeful about how she hides information from parents and encourages children to see homosexuality and LGBTQ as normal. I grew up in a military family and I used to be very pro-military, but the DOD now is deliberately trying to sexualize and wokify children. That’s evil and inappropriate, and it needs to stop.

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