Transgender therapist accused of molesting children with autism: Report

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A therapist — who, according to a report, is biologically female and taking testosterone to appear as male — has been accused of storing child porn on her personal devices and molesting young children, some of whom are autistic.

Earlier this month, police in Greenwood, Indiana, just south of Indianapolis, received a report that 30-year-old Leomeir Kennedy had molested at least three children in the last several years. Kennedy had allegedly admitted the assaults to a spiritual advisor, who then encouraged her to confess to the parents of her first victim: a 1-year-old girl whom Kennedy regularly babysat in 2017. Kennedy reportedly molested the girl once while changing her diaper.

Kennedy then left the state for a while and returned to Indiana about a year ago. She then found a job at Hopebridge Autism Therapy Center, where she worked as a licensed behavior technician.

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During her time at Hopebridge, Kennedy claimed that she was careful not to molest the children assigned to her care. Instead, she frequently offered to cover for other employees during their lunch break. By covering those shifts, Kenney was able to secure time alone with two autistic children, one nonverbal and one semi-verbal, whom she then molested, reports say.

On one occasion, a Hopebridge employee supposedly walked in as Kennedy was molesting one of the autistic children. Kennedy then pretended to tickle the child and claimed the girl had moved Kennedy’s hand toward her genitals. Kennedy suggested that the girl did so because she had been molested by someone else in the past.

Kennedy reportedly attacked the other child during a diaper change. After that alleged assault, the victim’s mother began noticing a change in her son’s behavior. “More temper tantrums, more aggression and self-injuries,” the woman identified only as Jane said, “a lot more.”

After police received these disturbing reports, they confiscated Kennedy’s cellphone and laptop. On the devices, they reportedly discovered a picture of the 1-year-old girl, whom Kennedy had babysat several years ago, naked. They also reportedly found a search for an image of a 13-year-old being gangraped as well as several digital conversations with other alleged child molesters. During those conversations, Kennedy received two pornographic images of “very young children,” police claimed.

When confronted with the evidence against her, Kennedy supposedly confessed to the assaults. She claimed that she had been molested as a child and had sought counseling from the spiritual advisor to rid her of the “snakes and shadows” which had plagued her since childhood. She also reportedly admitted that she applied for a job at Hopebridge because she thought she would find a “victim pool” there and that molesting one the autistic children made her feel like “Christmas.”

On April 12, Kennedy was arrested and charged with three counts of molesting a child and one count of possessing child pornography. She is being held without bond since she allegedly told someone via text message that she planned to leave the state. She also has few personal connections in Indiana. Reporter Andy Ngo claimed that Kennedy had previously lived in Vancouver, Washington.

Ngo also reported that Leomeir Kennedy is a biological female who was previously known as Allison. To support his claims, Ngo provided screenshots of a Pinterest account on which Kennedy reportedly chronicled her transition from female to male. Ngo also reported that Johnson County documents list Kennedy as a “trans male,” but jail records do not list a gender for Kennedy at all. Other outlets reporting on the story have referred to Kennedy as male and have not mentioned whether she ever lived as female, though Daily Journal did confirm that Kennedy has “lived in multiple other states.”

Hopebridge issued a statement following Kennedy’s arrest:

We are working with the Greenwood Police Department on an active investigation it is conducting regarding an individual who formerly worked for us. The investigation is not focused on any of our other employees.

Due to employee and patient confidentiality, we are not at liberty to provide any additional details to those not directly involved in the investigation. The safety and well-being of our patients, visitors, and staff has always been our main priority. We will continue to cooperate fully with the police.

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