Video of Dave Ramsey reacting to 29-year-old caller with nearly $1 million of debt goes viral: ‘What in the world?’

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A video of a caller shocking Dave Ramsey by recounting how she and her husband wracked up nearly one million dollars in debt has gone viral on the internet.

The exchange was originally recorded in 2017 but resurfaced when it was posted to social media this week.

The woman named Channing asks Ramsey for advice on how to deal with the massive debt she and her husband are carrying.

“We have probably just under $1 million in debt and we wanna know how to get debt free without filing bankruptcy,” the caller says.

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Ramsey asks the caller to add up the costs that compose their massive debt.

She tells Ramsey that the couple’s mortgage composes about $210,000 of their debt. She adds that both of them have advanced degrees and have $335,000 in student loan debt. The couple have about $136,000 in credit card debt, $44,000 personal loans, and $35,000 in car loans.

“So what in the world? Are you both on this, or is it just one of you that has completely lost their mind?” asked Ramsey.

She admits that they have made bad financial decisions that led to their financial distress. After she tells Ramsey that their annual household income is about $230,000 and they both work in government, he issues a challenge.

“Is there recognition on both of your parts how absurd the situation is?” asks Ramsey.

He goes on to say that the couple will have to live at about one-tenth of their previous spending in order to get back on track.

“You’ve gotten used to spending like you’re in Congress. This is gonna be very emotional for y’all,” said Ramsey.

The video was first posted to TikTok, where it garnered more than one million views.

Then it was posted to Twitter where it garnered more than 4.4 million views.

Ramsey has been criticized by many on the left for his abrasive manner, but he has a very loyal and dedicated fanbase. He also has helped countless people work their way out of debt and improve their finances.

In 2021, Ramsey directly addressed some of his liberal critics when he opposed the coronavirus stimulus program.

“I dared to suggest that the government is not going to fix your life, I dared to suggest that they can’t fix your life, that it’s up to you to fix your life,” said Ramsey. “I dared to suggest that, and so snowflakes are melting everywhere — they are going bananas!”

Here’s the full video of the exchange from Ramsey’s show:

I’m 29 Years Old With Nearly $1,000,000 In Debt!

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