The Feds Missed the Docs Leak Online but Targeted Anti-Vaxxers and Catholics?

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Now the federal government that was caught working with Big Tech on extensive and highly detailed censorship operations is saying it totally missed the leak of classified documents online. Not to mention, the FBI has time to target peaceful parents, pro-lifers, and Trump allies, while Biden stashed classified documents haphazardly and illicitly in his garage. It seems to me the feds might just be focusing resources and attention on the wrong things.

PJ Media’s Rick Moran reported Thursday:

We’re just now beginning to understand the extent of extremely sensitive information that was leaked on several social websites including Twitter and a server about Minecraft maps, as well as the Russian social media site Telegram. Incredibly, the classified documents had been circulating on various message boards since at least January.

And the Biden administration didn’t have a clue.

We won’t know the extent of the damage to U.S. intelligence, military, or diplomatic assets for weeks. The provenance of each document must be traced back to where it was first leaked. And given the circuitous route taken by many of the documents, we may never know how some documents made it into the open…“No one in the U.S. government knew they were out there,” one U.S. official told Politico. As to why they didn’t: “We cannot answer that just yet.”

According to John Cohen, the former acting undersecretary for intelligence and analysis at the Department of Homeland Security, federal agencies simply don’t “proactively monitor online forums looking for threat-related activity.” Federal agencies do, however, infiltrate traditional Catholic churches to determine if the parishioners are domestic terrorists. And federal agencies arrest peaceful pro-lifers and harass concerned parents who speak up at school board meetings. Not to mention, raiding Donald Trump’s home and the homes of his allies and colluding with Big Tech to censor critics of COVID-19 policies. But monitor social media for classified information leaks? That the federal government does not do.

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We’re supposed to believe the feds, who have a special portal to report content for censorship to Facebook and Instagram, didn’t notice the classified docs leaking on Discord and Telegram at all? Was the government too busy targeting every last American citizen who objected to COVID-19 vaccines or LGBTQ insanity to see sensitive information circulating on Twitter? All I’m saying is, the federal government seems to have the resources for extensive surveillance of and interference with social media; it just seems to have been focusing on targeting the wrong things and the wrong people. The Feds took aim at free speech, but not at national security risks. What exactly is going on here?

For instance, journalist Matt Taibbi tweeted as part of The Twitter Files in December, “Twitter’s contact with the FBI was constant and pervasive, as if it were a subsidiary.” Then-Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt told Fox Business in September 2022 that he and Louisiana AG Jeff Landry had uncovered a “vast censorship enterprise” between the Biden White House and multiple Big Tech platforms, according to MRC Business. Schmitt’s successor Andrew Bailey used those same words, “vast censorship enterprise,” in January when describing the lawsuit’s obtained evidence of collusion between Big Tech and the FBI, White House officials, and the State and Homeland Security Departments. It is significant that when Twitter CEO Elon Musk open-sourced some Twitter code recently, it included a “GovernmentRequested” intervention tool. As far as I know, that tool hasn’t been removed. For what was/is the government using that tool? Not to stop classified information leaks, apparently.

But, then again, this is the Biden administration. First, we discovered that Biden had illicitly stashed classified documents at (among other places) the University of Pennsylvania’s Biden Center, while the university was getting substantial funding from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Then there was GarageGate, where we found out Biden had stored classified documents in his garage! There does seem to be a stunning level of carelessness about classified information in the Biden administration.

To illustrate how the federal government focuses on the wrong risks, there’s TikTok. Not long after banning TikTok on federal devices, because the app is owned by Chinese ByteDance, the Biden administration recruited TikTokers for its pro-Biden social media campaign. The White House is even reportedly open to giving influencers, including TikTokers, their own briefing space. But the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) owns a financial stake and board seat in TikTok’s parent ByteDance. All Chinese companies are required to share data, including non-public data, with the CCP. TikTok trackers were recently found embedded on multiple state government websites, too. There’s the Biden administration ignoring real national security risks again.

The FBI has reportedly made a “probable cause arrest” of an Air Force National Guardsman related to the documents leak — presuming we can trust the FBI and Justice Department to get the right person. After all, the federal government has been shamefully mistreating the Jan. 6 prisoners for a couple years now, including prisoners who never committed violent crimes. The FBI even reportedly destroyed evidence to target some of the Jan. 6 prisoners.

In conclusion, it is certainly possible that the federal government has so many inept diversity hires now, and so much focus on nonsense like LGBTQ initiatives, that it’s not properly doing its job. Perhaps the Biden administration, despite Biden’s own mishandling of classified documents, really was floored to discover the leak. But that in and of itself illustrates the problem: this administration is busily targeting conservatives, Christians, and free speech advocates while ignoring massive national security risks. It’s time the federal government reassessed its priorities.

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