Democrats’ Dreams of Gun Control and Open Borders Can’t Coexist

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Like so many ideas for things to write about lately, this one came up during a conversation that my friend Stephen Green and I were having during one of our thrice weekly “Five O’Clock Somewhere” VIP Gold Live chats.

We were talking about the recent horrific shootings in the United States and the Democrats’ reflexive call for gun control. Despite their protestations to the contrary, it’s obvious that the end game for the control crowd is taking weapons away from law abiding citizens and leaving a free-for-all for the criminals.

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Taking guns away from legal gun owners won’t change the warped psyches of murderers or keep guns out of the hands of determined criminals. Most people acknowledge that. Democratic politicians, however, struggle with seeing the obvious, especially when they’re overwhelmed by the fervor of what they perceive as a righteous cause.

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Of course, as far as the Democrats are concerned, all of their causes are righteous. They believe they can charge ahead towards their goals without consideration of things like consequences or whether their policy initiatives are viable on this or any other planet.

I mentioned to Mr. Green that day that the dual Democrat goals of getting the guns away from the bad guys for good and keeping the Mexican border open to all comers was patently absurd.

One of the consequences that the Dems miss is that a border that’s open to good people is also open to bad people. They miss that one because there are no bad people in their telling of the immigration story. Only those marked for sainthood once they get to the afterlife come to the Land of the Free from countries to the south of us.

As a lifelong resident of states that border Mexico, I can assure you that is not the case.

Cartels love the Democrats’ “seeking strategic business partnerships” attitude about the border. As Robert recently wrote, terrorists do too.

The Democrats’ entire philosophy regarding the Mexican border will forever ensure that whatever kind of “comprehensive gun legislation” they might one day pass will be useless. One of their own frequent arguments about gun violence can be used against them to make the point.

Whenever someone mentions the unusually high amount of gun violence in Chicago despite the onerous gun laws there, anti-2A types are quick to say that most of the guns are coming from Indiana. The largely blue-collar manufacturing and agriculture state is apparently full of people who are running guns to the Windy City as a side hustle.

The Indiana excuse is a load of bunk, of course, but the Dems’ vision for the border and gun control would set up a scenario where guns actually would be flowing in from a place where they were readily available. Across a border that it’s “racist” to properly patrol, no less. In fact, the Sinaloa Cartel and their “colleagues” already have gunrunners on the payroll.

The future that the Democrats want for us would see law abiding Americans unable to defend themselves against an emboldened criminal element that has enthusiastic weapons suppliers who see the United States as the Land of Opportunity even more than the plucky migrant workers who come here to send money back home.

Yeah, I’m going to have to take a hard pass on all of that.

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