What’s Biden up to With His Proposed Census Change?

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Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Biden administration is contemplating the possibility of including a question in the census that asks black respondents whether they are descendants of slaves or if their ancestors immigrated to the United States after slavery was abolished. But why? For what purpose?

The report claims that there has been a growing demand within the black community to make the categories on the census more nuanced, recognizing the differences between black Americans and black immigrants. But is there really? While I cannot verify the veracity of the claim, it is worth questioning whether the Biden administration has an ulterior motive in considering whether to inquire about the descendants of enslaved Americans in the U.S. Census.

So what exactly is the Biden administration up to?

One of the key challenges of implementing slavery reparations is the lack of a universally accepted number of how many people in the United States are descendants of slavery.

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It is possible that the Biden administration is seeking to document how many descendants of slavery there are in the United States so this information can be used to support arguments for reparations. Frankly, given the way Joe Biden has shamelessly pandered to the African American community in recent years, I’d bank on it.

Joe Biden has expressed a willingness to consider slavery reparations in the past, though last month, the White House deflected and argued that it was an issue for Congress to settle.

“We understand that there’s legislation on the Hill currently on this, on the study of reparations and we think Congress is the appropriate venue for consideration on such action. And so, we’re going to leave it there for Congress to decide, to let them go through their process that they’re taking at this moment,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said.

Reasonable people understand that it would be unjust to hold present-day Americans accountable for the actions of their ancestors, especially if their ancestors did not own slaves, but left-wing race hustlers aren’t reasonable people, are they? They’ll never stop trying, even though it is widely believed that the likelihood of slavery reparations being approved by Congress is low.

However, some left-wing activists who advocate for reparations have gained positions of power in certain left-wing enclaves. As a result, some municipalities and states have begun to consider the idea of reparations. This month, we reported that California is looking to pay $640 billion in reparations, and the city of San Francisco is considering paying every black resident $5 million plus other benefits. Minnesota Democrats are also pushing for reparations in their state.

The race hustlers in Congress will never give up on reparations at a federal level. The possibility of including questions about the descendants of slavery in the U.S. Census could be seen as a possible first step in achieving this goal.

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