Trump Arrest Could Be the Best — and Dumbest — Thing Democrats Ever Do

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We’ve all known this was the endgame. Democrats have been gunning to get news cameras to capture their glorious frog march of Donald J. Trump in handcuffs as they hustle him into some federal building to face “justice” since the day he took office. You have to wonder why they hate him so much. Does he have the CCTV from Epstein Island? The Democrat hard-on to criminally prosecute Trump has never waned. It’s long past time for them to seek help at the closest emergency room because this is not normal.

If they were to get the campaign finance charge, it’s a misdemeanor that has little hope of sticking. Has anyone done anything about the obvious insider trading that Nancy Pelosi and tons of other lawmakers have profited from? That would actually come with hard time in the clink if anyone bothered to charge them.

Trump already broke his foot off in Stormy Daniels’ oft-exposed derrière in court. A judge decided the suit Daniels filed for defamation was frivolous and dismissed it and ordered her to pay him $300,000. My sides! Good times. Now the cabal is trying again, only this time they think they can take him to criminal court for a campaign finance violation. It’s never going to work. 

But I’ll tell you what it will do. It will get ship-jumpers like me back on the Trump Train. I don’t want Trump to run again. I think he’s too old, too bitter, too toxic, too petty, makes poor hiring decisions, and should go enjoy his money and the rest of his life with his grandchildren and let the younger generation have a turn. But if the Democrat loons pull this ridiculous stunt to get their CNN footage they can play over and over in every political ad from now until eternity, I promise you, I will put aside all my qualms and put on my red hat again. I will do it for spite, and I will enjoy it. And I happen to know others who feel like I do about a Trump run who will put aside their concerns and do the same for the sheer fun of it.

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The thing Democrats keep doing is underestimating how much people hate them. We might be disappointed in Trump, but that’s nothing compared to the contempt we feel for the lying left and their lapdogs in Big Media. And they refuse to let us forget that the thing that hurts them the most is Trump in power. If they’d stop acting like vampires sprayed with holy water every time his name comes up, we might have forgotten. It’s enough already. They’re not happy with two impeachments and a lost election. They want jail! 

But jail for Trump is so ridiculous a proposition that every Democrat who thinks it’s going to happen should be awarded an Oscar for best performance in a masturbatory fantasy. It’s absurd. It’s not going to happen unless they treat him like a J6er and just lock him up with no due process… and that’s always possible. We shouldn’t dismiss the creeping possibility that we really are a banana republic and justice is dead.  FBI agents are reported to have harassed a woman in New York over a meme she posted about Pfizer on social media. If that is really happening here in America, maybe it’s too late.

It’s a huge mistake to remind people like me who wanted to vote for Ron DeSantis in 2024 that Democrats hate Trump so much that they would risk reminding us that the way to hurt them is to back Trump. If they manage to get their frog march fantasy to come true, I promise you I will fangirl for Trump in 2024 so hard just to make them writhe in agony.

It would be worth it to me to watch Rachel Maddow have to announce that Trump is the next president again while we all laugh until we can’t breathe. Trump has also earned the right to major payback. Will he do it? I don’t have high hopes, but I’m starting to think I want to give him the opportunity to try.

Go ahead, Democrats. Make Trump’s day.

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