Man allegedly robs bank of $1 with goal of going to federal prison

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Authorities with the Salt Lake City Police Department recently arrested a man after he allegedly robbed a bank of $1 with the goal of getting arrested and going to federal prison.

The strange scenario unfolded on Monday in Utah when 65-year-old Donald Santacroce went into a Wells Fargo and presented a note demanding the money, reported, citing a police booking affidavit: “Please pardon me for doing this but this is a robbery. Please give me $1. Thank you,” the note reportedly read.

The money was forked over and Santacroce was asked to depart, but the man told the teller to contact the police, the affidavit indicates, according to the outlet. While waiting for authorities, Santacroce made a comment to the victims suggesting that they were lucky he did not have a firearm because it was taking authorities so long to arrive. “At this point the branch manager said she ushered all of her employees into a back room for their safety where she locked the doors,” the affidavit indicates, according to the outlet.

Santacroce’s wish was ultimately granted: Authorities arrested him. “Officers booked Santacroce into the Salt Lake County Metro Jail on one count of robbery,” according to a Salt Lake City Police Department press release.

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“Donald said he had done this because he wanted to get arrested and go to federal prison. Donald stated that if he gets out of jail, he will rob another bank and ask for more money next time trying to get the desired result of going to federal prison,” the arrest report notes, according to

The outlet reported that Utah Highway Patrol had recently arrested the individual for investigation of DUI and careless driving and that authorities had indicated that the man had been driving with a license which had been suspended out of Missouri.

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