Is the Age of Wokeism’s Demise Nigh?

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Inshallah, the age of wokeism might be on its last legs.

It’s hard for every human, myself included, to put the present dominant cultural paradigm within the context of thousands of years of preceding recorded history and an indefinite number of years of future human civilization — as long as it lasts, of course, barring a cataclysm like a nuclear holocaust.

The present consumes us, but it is a barely discernible blip on the radar of time.

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The difference between Social Justice™ wokeism and other cultural phenomena throughout history is that the former is entirely artificial. Corporations and the government disseminate the ideology through pop culture, corporate news media, and public institutions. The false consensus over the Values of Democracy™ is maintained through an untenable censorship regime.

The hodgepodge coalition that makes up the Social Justice™ rank-and-file is a combination of identity groups — many of them being entirely manufactured, such as the LGBTQ4GF150+++™ alphabet soup. These groups seemingly have very little, if anything, in common with one another besides adherence to the strange new religion of secular liberalism, which in the West replaced God some years ago. In the absence of meaningful ties that bind, factional infighting is inevitable.

Pop culture — one of the major vehicles through which wokeism proliferates — is increasingly ineffective. Because Social Justice™ becomes more and more extreme over time, and the filmmakers and artists who cater to that audience try to keep up, the quality of the art is sacrificed for ideological content to the point of unintentional satire.

That’s how you get abominations like the recent woke Star Wars reboots, in which interracial relationships are shoved down the viewers’ throats, formerly legendary Jedis renounce violence, and the former sex symbol Princess Leia turns into a bitter lesbian and takes a purple-haired boss lady as a lover.

The propaganda, at some point, becomes so thick and unwieldy that any potential returns in the form of new converts to Social Justice™ diminish, and it has a net negative effect by turning off legions of loyal Star Wars fans forever from the ideology that wrecked their favorite film franchise. Same thing with the cringe Scooby Doo reboot and any other cultural institution. Studios know they can’t produce new art of the Social Justice™ variety that could ever attract a significant following, so their only option is to hijack and destroy cultural artifacts of antiquity. But what will they do when they’ve desecrated all of it?

The corporate media is likewise not trusted or well-regarded in the modern era for slightly different but related reasons: they lie and lie and lie, and viewers have caught on to the fact that their entire purpose is to mislead their audiences for the sake of promoting the power structure’s agenda. The age of Cronkite is over; Americans’ trust in media is at an all-time low.

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The continued hegemony of the Social Justice™ cult depends on its ability, aided by the forces described above, to handicap opponents and rig the discourse and prevent an exposition of its fallacies and downright immoralities. It has done a commendable job of this so far, but the Big Lie that the story of the West is simply one of systemic exploitation of a rainbow of diverse gender and racial identities becomes harder and harder to maintain as more light is shed upon the statistics that disprove it, and as it works its way to its natural, indefensible conclusion — unmasked race hate, stripped of its pseudo-liberal façade.

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