‘Pure discrimination’: Democrats brought to tears by Kentucky bill that prevents teachers from being forced to use preferred pronouns

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A Kentucky bill recently passed the state Senate that prohibits school districts from requiring teachers to use the preferred pronouns of their students and requires school officials to notify parents if they are providing certain services to students, covering topics such as “human sexuality” or “family planning.”

Kentucky Democrats called Senate Bill 150 “discrimination,” “horrible,” and “destructive,” with one state senator reportedly having “sobbed,” according to Kentucky.com.

Regarding teachers being compelled to use a student’s preferred pronouns, the bill states that it shall “prohibit a school district from requiring school personnel or pupils to use pronouns for students that do not conform to that student’s biological sex.”

It will also require parents of students to be notified if they receive services “relating to … human sexuality, contraception, or family planning,” and also that “specific questionnaires or screening forms given to a child receive parental consent and review and forbid general consent.”

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The bill passed along party lines with a vote of 29-6.

A woman yelled, “You just killed kids!” after the vote.

The most outspoken Democrat was state Senator Karen Berg, who allegedly cried at her desk after the vote took place. Berg’s transgender child committed suicide in 2022.

“Your vote yes on this bill means one of two things: Either you believe that trans children do not exist, or you believe that trans children do not deserve to exist,” Berg said.

“I can tell you these children exist,” Berg declared, arguing that pronouns are “the single most important thing that can be done to improve a child’s health and well-being.”

Louisville, Kentucky, Democrat Denise Harper Angel called the bill the “meanest piece of legislation and the most destructive for youth” that she has seen in 19 years.

Gerald Neal, another Louisville Democrat, said that the legislature has “a responsibility to protect the smallest, less empowered, threatened, vulnerable individuals, no matter who they are.”

“They own their space. We should not invade,” Neal added.

Democrat state Senator Reginald Thomas argued that the bill would be imposing mandates on teachers while taking rights away from parents who wish to protect their children.

Republican state Senator Max Wise, who filed the bill, responded that there is no mandate in the bill.

“There is nothing in this bill mandating, as it relates to pronouns … there is still the choice for teachers wishing to do so.”

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