Rhode Island Bill Would Make It Possible For Illegal Immigrants To Vote

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A new bill making its way through the system in Rhode Island would make it possible for non-citizens to vote in municipal elections.

Another New England state, Vermont, is currently trying to do the same thing.

When you look at these policy proposals, the situation at the southern border starts to make more sense. Democrats seem to be trying to outnumber the people who would vote against them.

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The Federalist reports:

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Rhode Island Bill Would Open Elections To Illegal Aliens, In Democrats’ Latest Push For Noncitizen Voting

Democrats in the Rhode Island General Assembly have introduced legislation that, if passed, would grant localities the ability to give non-U.S. citizens the right to vote in municipal elections. The measure marks the latest attempt by leftists to give foreigners and, in this case, even illegal immigrants the opportunity to influence the U.S. electoral process.

Under the new bill (H 5461), cities and towns would be permitted to “allow all residents of the municipality to vote in municipal elections for municipal officeholders regardless of the immigration status of the residents.”

The measure also stipulates that the locality’s board of canvassers is required to coordinate with Rhode Island’s secretary of state and board of elections to “develop the forms and instructions to implement the provisions” of the new law, “as well as any rules and regulations necessary to ensure that any ballot for municipal officeholders only is kept separate and apart from ballots distributed to [citizen] voters … and counted separately for transmission to the board of elections.”

The legislation does not specify what constitutes proof of residency.

Allowing non-citizens to vote in municipal elections will just be the first step, the test run.

What other country allows non-citizens to vote in their elections?

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