Chuck Schumer Proves How Hard It Is to Boost Biden

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Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has been making the rounds defending Joe Biden’s mishandling of the Chinese spy balloon situation, but during Monday’s episode of The View, he failed miserably to explain why Joe Biden’s poll numbers are garbage, despite all the “historic accomplishments” he’s made.

“Senator, President Biden’s State of the Union doubled as a soft launch… for 2024. And President Biden has made historic accomplishments, which you were speaking to, in job growth, health care, infrastructure,” began co-host Sarah Haines. “But an ABC News poll… says that the voters are even less enthused about Biden running again than Trump. Now, can you explain the disconnect between what we are seeing in the successes and what the polling is showing?”

According to the poll referenced by Haines, four in ten Americans say their financial situation has gotten worse since Biden took office, which is “the most in ABC News/Washington Post polls dating back 37 years.” In comparison, only 13% claimed things had gotten worse over the same time period during President Donald Trump’s administration, while 25% said they were financially doing better.

“I think, first, you can’t always believe polling,” Schumer replied. “There was a poll in 1983 that said Ronald Reagan would get clobbered. And, of course, he won a huge victory. But second, I think part of it is that we now have to make sure the American people, they’ve read what we have done, but they haven’t seen it.” [Emphasis added]

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Gee, I’m not sure if he’s throwing shade at Joe Biden or the American people. How stupid does he think we are? Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress went on a spending spree in 2021, claiming all these policies would do great things and get America back on track after the pandemic, and we’re supposed to accept the explanation that they haven’t had time to do their magic or something.

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Still, conceding that Americans aren’t feeling the impact of Joe Biden’s policies feels like an admission that those policies haven’t worked, not that we as a country have yet to experience the “benefits” of those policies. Biden repeatedly claimed, for example, that his American Rescue Plan would provide “immediate relief.” Biden also raided the Strategic Petroleum Reserves to bring gas prices down before the midterm elections. Biden tried to take credit for gas prices going down, but is Schumer saying that didn’t work as intended? He’d be right, since experts argue that raiding the Strategic Petroleum Reserve had minimal impact on prices, but it’s kinda weird that Schumer would admit that. Still, when gas prices started ticking upward again, Biden refused to accept responsibility for that. He only wanted credit when gas prices went down.

So, Schumer’s arguing that “this second year is going to be a year of implementing, getting the good things that we did out” just doesn’t hold up. First of all, it’s the third year of the Biden administration, not the second. Next, I know Schumer doesn’t have much to work with, but his attempts at boosting Biden just aren’t working. The problem isn’t that Americans haven’t yet felt the positive impact of Biden’s policies; the problem is that the policies haven’t worked. Moreover, Biden didn’t try to sell his policies on the idea that we had to spend trillions of dollars now to feel the impact of those policies one, two, or three years later.

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