Liberty Lockdown Channel Banned By YouTube After Posting Anti-War Speech

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The Liberty Lockdown channel has been permanently banned from YouTube after he posted an anti-war speech.

The channel’s creator, Clint Russell, said that in his final video, he had quoted Martin Luther King Jr. and “called for love and peace for all mankind.”

“If that is the last thing I get to say, so be it,” Russell wrote in a tweet. “If that makes @TeamYouTube feel unsafe, idk what else I could do to play by their rules.”

Russell added, “what a sad state of affairs.”

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Russell recently came under scrutiny over a panel he hosted featuring anti-trafficking advocate Eliza Bleu, during which they hypothetically discussed how society would handle human trafficking and sex crimes against minors in a Libertarian or anarcho-capitalist society where there was no federal government.

Bleu has been at the center of a massive controversy after a couple of YouTubers received 12-hour suspensions on Twitter for posting screenshots of her rear from a video she had done in the past. The creators rallied and argued that she had the tweets removed by the platform by abusing her contacts at Twitter, but she maintains that she did not.

Russell believes that it is possible his channel was targeted by people mass reporting it over that discussion.

“Three years, pouring my soul into that channel, gone overnight with zero explanation,” Russell told the Gateway Pundit. “I can only assume my 18-month-old interview with Eliza Bleu brought out the cancel Mob to which YouTube gleefully acquiesced. Thank God for Rumble.”

The only new video uploaded to the channel this month was the anti-war speech, which you can still watch on the Liberty Lockdown Rumble channel.

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