“Sy Had This Thing Nailed Down Completely” – Larry Johnson with Emerald Robinson on Sy Hersh Report

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I was interviewed on Thursday by a substacker, José Niño, and on Friday by Emerald Robinson.

Here are the results. Some say I have a face made for radio. You be the judge.

The interview with Emerald focused on Sy Hersh’s latest bombshell report. Many critics are insisting that Sy was duped by one lone source. Simply not true. In my experience with Sy, which spans a period of 42 years, Sy never goes with a story based on just one source. I have personal experience with one story that Sy was working on that was pure dynamite but came from only one source. Sy decided not to pursue it. Without multiple sources, he does not launch.

One of the reasons that Sy has had so much success in breaking these stories that the Washington establishment loathes that he is fiercely protective of his sources.

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Hersh does not reveal them. Period. If you want to get some real insight into Sy’s life as a renegade muckraker I encourage you to buy his book, Reporter: A Memoir.

TRENDING: WaPo and Taylor Lorenz Use Shady Leftist Group to List Gateway Pundit, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, DC Draino, Emerald Robinson, Andrew Tate, Etc. as Top “Extremist Influencers” on Twitter

Below is the interview with José Niño.

Jose says the following about my interview:

Larry Johnson, blogger at Sonar21 and a former CIA analyst, argues that the US’s foreign policy ambitions have reached their absolute limit. Should the US continue down this path, it will face a catastrophic collapse on both military and fiscal fronts.

José Niño

Listen here

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