Latest Flying ‘Object’ Situation Is Another Embarrassment for Biden

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As Kevin reported earlier, more flying objects have been spotted around Alaska and Canada, and at least one has been shot down by the military. I’d like to formally congratulate Joe Biden for doing something for a change. It must have been very difficult for him to give the order to shoot them down before they, I don’t know, surveilled U.S. military installations.

We may not know what the objects are yet — are they more Chinese spy balloons? Some type of drone or something else?  At the moment, the Biden administration isn’t being very forthcoming about it. Not that this is a huge shocker since the Biden administration isn’t exactly known for being forthcoming. Had it not been for a civilian spotting the Chinese spy balloon in the skies over Montana, it is very likely the Biden administration would never have told us about how they’d been tracking it for weeks and didn’t shoot it down over U.S. territorial waters near the Aleutian islands when they could have.

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Another reason the Biden administration is so far being mum on details is that a senior U.S. official has revealed that the object penetrated our airspace before it was detected by NORAD. According to the official, the object was already “over Alaska, not far from the northern coast” on Thursday night when it was discovered.

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“We don’t know who owns it — whether it’s state-owned or corporate-owned or privately-owned, we just don’t know,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters Friday.

So, let’s recap the situation here: the Biden administration doesn’t know what the objects are; they don’t know where they came from; they don’t know their capabilities; and they didn’t even know about them until after they entered U.S. airspace. So, while the objects could, in theory, be innocent objects, they could also be from an enemy state and have hostile capabilities. Maybe they aren’t (or weren’t), but the fact that the Biden administration didn’t find out about them until after they’d penetrated U.S. airspace is a bit… I don’t know… concerning… don’t you think? If Biden thinks authorizing shooting down these objects makes him look better in the wake of the Chinese spy balloon debacle, the reality is that this situation reveals just how incapable the Biden administration is when it comes to protecting our country.

“We don’t know if it’s a Chinese balloon or just some kid,” Former Trump acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller told Fox News. “If you’re a writer for Saturday Night Live, you’ve got all the material you need for the next three weeks.”

“We have to send up a $100 million aircraft to shoot down a balloon with a $400,000 missile?” Miller added. “The cost curve’s all off on that one … holy cow.”

Taking everything into account, Biden’s different handling of these other flying “objects” feels like an admission that he mishandled the Chinese spy balloon incident, and he’s trying to compensate for it.

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