NewsBusters Podcast: Boosting Biden’s Trash-Talking Partisan State of the Union Speech

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Network anchors claimed President Biden’s State of the Union speech was an appeal to unity, which may have been true in small snippets. But as a whole, Biden was a trash-talking partisan, uncorking lies about Republicans phasing out Social Security and so on. Anchors considered it rude that Republicans would loudly object to being accused of trying to kill Social Security.

NB Managing Editor Curtis Houck joins the show to explore just how boosterish the networks stars were in the speech’s aftermath. They didn’t find it weird when Biden shouted, or whispered. On CNN, Wolf Blitzer claimed “I think this was the best speech I have ever heard him deliver. He was passionate, it was extremely well-written.”

NBC’s Peter Alexander argued Biden “captur[ed] the contrast between a President who’s energized, but serious and Republicans who, despite being warned by their leaders to behave, appeared at times unserious and angry.” 

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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