‘State-sanctioned grooming’: Connecticut Dems want to prevent teachers’ sexuality, gender discussions with students from being obtained via FOIA

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In January, several Connecticut Democratic lawmakers proposed a new state bill that would “protect public school teachers.” The legislation would prevent conversations between teachers and students regarding “sensitive subjects” from being accessed by a Freedom of Information Act request, Fox News Digital reported.

If Proposed Bill No. 6192 is enacted, it will amend the state’s general statutes, preventing parents and other members of the public from accessing conversations between teachers and students about sexual orientation, gender identity, or race.

The bill, “An Act Concerning the Nondisclosure of Certain Communications Between Teachers and Students,” was introduced to the joint committee on January 19 by four Democratic state representatives, including Sarah Keitt, Dominique Johnson, Cristin McCarthy Vahey, and Jennifer Leeper.

Keitt, McCarthy Vahey, and Leeper proposed another bill to the Education Committee in January “to study how best to accommodate religious holidays for all students without negatively impacting the school calendar.”

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According to the Democratic Town Committee, Keitt is an assistant majority leader and vice chair of the Children’s Committee. McCarthy Vahey is chair of the Public Health Committee, and Leeper is vice chair of the Education Committee.

Nicole Solas, a senior fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum, posted the legislation on Twitter, writing, “Connecticut wants to make it illegal to obtain ‘any communication between a teacher and a student regarding sensitive subjects such as sexual orientation, gender identity, and race.’ That’s state-sanctioned grooming.”

Solas noted that legislation was proposed to protect teachers and not to protect children.

One Twitter user replied to Solas’ post regarding the bill, stating, “Teacher here. Someone needs to explain to those legislators that their job is to protect students not teachers.”

Another social media user against the proposed bills wrote, “Teachers aren’t trained counselors or therapists & this is beyond their scope of practice so why? Why legal confidentiality protection? What code of ethics are teachers bound to for this subject? Ultimately this hurts families & exposes kids to risk. Maybe that’s the point.”

Solas argued that the Democratic lawmakers are trying to make it possible for teachers to “keep secrets” with their students.

The state representatives did not respond to a request for comment, Fox News Digital reported.

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