Woke makeup brand shares photo of what appears to be a bearded man wearing bright pink lip cream

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NYX Professional Makeup, a L’Oréal brand, shared photos on social media of what appeared to be a bearded man wearing bright pink lip cream.

Some people responded positively to an Instagram post featuring the abnormal sight, but others were repulsed by the post and NYX’s promotion of left-wing ideology.

“Men always trying to take the spotlight away from us women. Stay in your own lane,” one person commented.

“Feminist: Women are just as good as men Also Feminist: Men are women too,” someone else wrote.

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“PLEASE STOP CRAMMING this need to be WOKE down our THROATS!!!!” another comment declared.

“Stop using men to advertise for women products,” someone declared, adding, “This is disgusting.”

“Stop canceling women and girls!!!! I’m throwing away all your products. Disgusting!” another comment said.

“Barf! I’m sorry, but seeing this ruins, any kind of desire for this make up line,” someone noted.

“So sick of this woke garbage,” another person said.

“Abhorrent! Stop trying to erase women!” another comment declared.

“That is disgusting! These ads don’t help you. you are catering to 1% of the population. We don’t like it and will not purchase your product! I am women, hear me roar. This is a man with a beard. Nasty!” another comment read.

The NYX brand is openly pro-LGBT, noting on its website that it “is a proud ally of the Los Angeles LGBT Center. In 2022, we are dedicated to supporting the center’s services with a $135k+ donation, celebrating the community with colorful products along with the voluntary time and expertise of our makeup artists.”

The brand has also pushed the leftist gender-bending movement by posting a video that conveys the message, “Makeup has no gender.”

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