Daycare Training Session Uses ‘Non-Binary’ Doll To Indoctrinate Preschoolers

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The North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children (NCAEYC) recently released a documentary called “Reflecting on Anti-Bias Education in Action: The Early Years,” the documentary features one segment about how to teach gender identity to four-five year olds. The training encompasses a queer instructor using a “non-binary” stuffed doll to teach a class of preschoolers.

Jordan Chamberlain of the “Free Beacon” shared the video on her twitter page. Here it is:

As you can see, the video encompasses tips for what looks like conversion therapy. The adult, non-binary Maddie Piper, continually corrected the children who called the boy “he” by answering the children’s questions with “they” … bla bla bla. 

In the conversation with what we can believe are other teachers, one woman, Joyce Jackson, pointed out how the children didn’t make “a big deal” about Nash, the doll, being “non-binary.” Another teacher, Veronica Reynoso, credited the fact that progressive ideologies like that are “constantly in conversation” around preschoolers like this which is why they were fine with it. 

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If this doesn’t scream “grooming” or at least “major red flag,” to you then perhaps check in with your morals. Especially the part where the kids had to repeat the line “they like stars.” 

The video was shown to daycare owners in North Carolina with hopes that they’d implement these same strategies in their own daycare centers. If you live in N.C., consider getting a nanny instead of sending your kid to conversion care everyday. 

The full documentary is available here and claims its film “captures teachers and young children guided by the anti-bias goals of identity, diversity, justice and action.”

What’s funny is that in a so-called attempt to attain anti-biased goals, the NCAEYC is baking its biases into its training and therefore, into classrooms.

As an aside, another part of the documentary featured a teacher speaking to young students about George Floyd and how he “didn’t do anything wrong.” Another teacher read a book about protestors who “changed the world” including the loathsome Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers player who knelt in opposition to the National Anthem to “support Black Lives Matter.”  The next day the teacher helped kids make signs to support Black Lives Matter and march around the school with them. The teacher coined the nickname for her students: “Social Justice Leaders.” 

The education system is effed up. No longer are schools and places where children are sent with the expectation that they’d be safe places of learning. They’re simply centers where left-wing adults can push woke ideologies and indoctrinate our next generation. Kids aren’t necessarily free thinkers. They believe what they’re told, which is exactly why they’re easy targets for the left’s progressive agenda. 

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