Glenn Greenwald Is Reporting on the Increase in Censorship in Brazil and Elon Musk Is Listening

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Paul Serran shared information on the increase in censorship of the truth in Brazil after communist Lula took over the country by stealing the recent election.

Serrans Truth included a tweet by Glenn Greenwald from Brazil.

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Here is Serran’s Truth:

TRENDING: BREAKING: COVER UP: Lawyers Found More Classified Documents in Biden’s Private Library Than Previously Known

Elon Musk responded to a tweet by Glenn Greenwald about the censorship in Brazil that is multiplying with the recent communist takeover by Lula and his gang.

Greenwald responded to Elon Musk by providing the censorship decree recently put in place in Brazil.

The communist takeover of Brazil and South America is in full effect.  China and Biden are happy.  Freedom is dying quickly in these southern nations. 

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