14 Year Old Boy Killed as Moroccan Fans Riot in France after World Cup Loss

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Moroccan fans attack a car with a French flag, in Montpellier, driver panics and runs them over

Moroccan soccer fans rioted across France Wednesday night as their team lost to France 2:0 in the World Cup. A 14-year old boy was killed in Montpellier when fans attacked a car with a French flag and the driver accelerated in panic to escape the mob.

The 14-year-old boy was pronouced dead in the hospital.

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Videos documented the Moroccan fans running riot in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Montpellier, which is know for its leftist Mayor,   tolerance and large gay community (think French San Francisco).

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Riot police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. 25.000 police were deployed in France ahead of the World Cup game, since Moroccan fans have been rioting after every game throughout Europe for the last month. It still wasn’t enough to control the outburst, however.

Moroccan youths attacked people just for being French:

In Paris, riot police clashed with Moroccan rioters around the Arc de Triomphe, sign of France’s national pride:

By the end of the night, the famed Champs Elyseees were full of riot police vehicles:

Riots also broke out in Lyon, France’s second-largest city, as well as Grenoble and Nice:

Riots were also reported from Brussels, Belgium and Amsterdam & Rotterdam in the Netherlands:

Moroccans attacked a second-floor apartment for flying a French flag in Brussels:

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