‘Reacher’ actor loses role over vaccination status, says Hollywood cancels conservatives but seeks out liberals like Ron Pearlman

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“Reacher” actor Matthew Marsden believes Hollywood penalizes actors who have conservative politics, but rewards performers who are liberals. Marsden also revealed that he lost a job because he is not vaccinated against COVID-19.

Marsden alleged that conservative actors get canceled by Hollywood.

“Conservatives in Hollywood speak up against tyranny, and we get canceled,” Marsden tweeted on Saturday. “The phone stops ringing. That’s all they have to do.”

Marsden said liberal actors such as Mark Ruffalo, Ron Pearlman, and Sean Penn benefit by broadcasting their political beliefs.

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Marsden wrote, “Ruffalo, Pearlman, and Penn say all kinds of stuff and nothing happens to them. In fact, they will be sought out because of their ‘brave stances.'”

Perlman has been extremely vocal about his disdain for conservatives. Perlman launched an expletive-laden rant against Ron DeSantis in March, besmirching the Republican Florida governor as a “Nazi pig” and a piece of s**t.” In 2020, Perlman called Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) a “b*tch” and challenged Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to a wrestling match. The “Hellboy” actor previously proclaimed that blue states should “separate” from red states.

Marsden then stated, “The fact is that conservatives that speak out are not supported by their ‘team.’ You get canceled it’s on you.”

He claimed that leftist Hollywood players all band together to help each other financially, morally, and with public relations.

Marsden declared, “This is why more don’t speak out. We abandon our own. It has to change.”

Marsden – who was born in England and is an American citizen – said he lost a job because of a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The actor noted that he is “aware of the risks involved” with not being vaccinated against COVID-19, but is firmly against COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

He added, “I lost a job last week because I am unvaccinated and I will not lie about it.”

Marsden did not reveal what project he lost because of his vaccination status.

Marsden continued, “If more people stood up in Hollywood, or any other profession and said ‘no’ then these vaccine mandates would have gone away.”

“It is the same on Twitter. The trolls know they can push you around. It is never going to end,” he tweeted on Thursday. “No one forces you to post politically. Your choice.”

Marsden noted that differing political opinions are not a disqualifying factor in a friendship.

He quoted Thomas Jefferson, “I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.”

Marsden’s Hollywood credits include “Tenet,” “Atlas Shrugged,” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

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