‘Musk is a 4Chan autist with a mission to destroy you! Did you think he wouldn’t find out?’: Crowder exposes the arrogance of Jim Baker

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Twitter’s general council (and former FBI general council), Jim Baker, was fired on Tuesday after it was discovered that he secretly vetted the first batch of emails released without the knowledge of new management.

In this episode of “Louder with Crowder,” Crowder pointed to the arrogance of Baker’s actions, which blatantly betrayed the trust of Twitter’s new management: “What did you [Baker] think was going to happen? [Musk] is a 4Chan autist with a mission to destroy you! Did you think [Musk] wasn’t going to find out?”

Crowder explained that Baker was also the guy who encouraged flagging Hunter Biden’s laptop as hacked material. “Are you starting to get the picture?” Crowder asked rhetorically.

Video below.

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