Training Video Shows Children of Local Teachers Being Killed In Fake School Shooting

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A video presented at a teacher training session on school shootings in Fort Smith, Arkansas superimposed the faces of the children and grandchildren of teachers in the district onto images of school shooting victims.

The ages of the children were included as well as their dates of birth and their “deaths.”

According to an emotional teacher who watched the video, “He showed us a video that played somber music and it was in memorial style that said, ‘On December 14, 2022, a gunman entered Prairie Grove Middle School. This many people were injured, this many people were killed…among the victims were the following’…and pictures of teachers’ personal children, our blood children, were on the video with their names as if they died in a school shooting.”

The Fort Smith Times Record reports:

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A video made depicting the deaths of children from a school shooting at Prairie Grove Middle School has angered parents and teachers in the district who packed a special school board meeting Friday night.

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Shayne Taylor, the middle school principal, allegedly showed the video about a fictional shooting to teachers Wednesday, according to reports.

The school board went into executive session for about 10 minutes Friday evening, then reconvened and announced that Taylor had been granted a leave of absence until his retirement on June 30, 2023. He will receive pay from personal vacation and sick days. People in the audience shouted and cheered during the meeting.

During the heated meeting, people in the audience shouted, “What about the other people who did it?” and “Do you not want to listen to your teachers? You’ve got hundreds of teachers.” And, “Wait until election day people!” as the board members walked into executive session.

The board also announced that Reba Holmes, superintendent, will also take a leave of absence until retirement on June 30, 2023, receiving pay from her vacation and sick days.

The contentious school board meeting following the exposure of the disgusting video can be seen below.

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