HERE WE GO: Power Outages Possible in Parts of SoCal on Thanksgiving Due to High Winds

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Power outages are possible in parts of Southern California on Thanksgiving due to high winds.

Gusty Santa Ana winds moved into the region late Wednesday into Thursday morning prompting Southern California Edison to consider power outages to avoid fires.

Wind gusts are expected to reach 70 mph in some parts of SoCal near canyon passes.

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“More than 32,000 Southern California Edison customers in Los Angeles and Riverside counties could be without power for part of Thanksgiving Day as the utility considers measures to protect public safety in the face of low humidity and looming Santa Ana winds that will increase the chance of dangerous wildfires.” The Daily Bulletin reported.

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ABC News reported:

Residents in Southern California have more than heavy traffic to contend with this Thanksgiving.

The National Weather Service issued a red flag warning for parts of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties on Thursday that lasts until Friday morning, indicating critical fire weather conditions

Wind gusts could approach 70 mph in some parts of Southern California, forecasts show. The dry wind, combined with the parched earth still reeling from a decades-long megadrought, could spread any fires that spark.

Temperatures are expected to reach 80 degrees in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, with the strong winds expected to pass through the canyons.

A high wind warning is also in effect for the hills east of Santa Barbara, including Burbank, Santa Clarita and Malibu.

Residents are urged to use caution with anything that can spark a wildfire. Power safety outages are possible in several regions, data from Southern California Edison shows.

Meanwhile California Democrats are busy banning gas-powered vehicles and diesel trucks even though the state can’t keep the lights on during heat waves and wind storms.

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