US Men’s Soccer Team STAND For National Anthem-Woke LGBTQ Crest Nowhere To Be Seen

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The World Cup has kicked off and the US Men’s National team is taking on Wales in the first round of the FIFA World Cup.

Unlike the Women’s National Team in the Olympics, the US Men’s team stood proud with their hands across their chest in front of a packed out arena in Qatar.

Some even partook in singing the National Anthem.


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If you look closely there’s no LGBTQ crest anywhere to be seen.

Previously the Gateway Pundit reported the US Men’s National Team was using an LGBTQ crest instead of their normal red white and blue crest at their Qatar training facility.

However, in their game-day uniforms, the LGBTQ crest is nowhere to be seen.

PBS reported Quater officials have banned several European teams “One Love” armbands, which could be the reason why the US Men’s team LGBTQ has been shelved.

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