Alex Stein confronts armed Antifa members guarding Texas bookstore hosting transgender storytime for children: ‘These are the real cowards’

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Political provocateur Alex Stein stirred the pot at a Texas bookstore that was hosting a “transgender storytime” for children. Stein confronted armed Antifa members guarding the bookstore in Denton, Texas.

Patchouli Joe’s Books & Indulgences store hosted a “transgender storytime” for children on Saturday afternoon.

The bookstore promoted the event on its website and Facebook, “This FREE event takes place during National Transgender Awareness Week, and will be hosted by Patchouli Joe’s Books & Indulgences – a family-owned, LGBTQ-friendly, independent bookstore in the heart of Denton, Texas.”

The bookstore promised to read three children’s books about “gender identity, belonging, and friendship, and celebrate diversity, literacy, and community at this all-ages event!”

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Similar recent promotions in Texas, such as the “Drag the Kids to Pride” event at a Dallas gay bar and an all-ages drag bingo event at a church in Katy, ignited controversy and protests. The transgender storytime also sparked contentiousness. Antifa members stood outside the Patchouli Joe’s bookstore to guard against any disruptions.

BlazeTV host Alex Stein confronted and mocked the Antifa members holding guns outside the transgender storytime event for children.

Stein got near the faces of two alleged Antifa members dressed in black bloc attire and mocked them.

Stein stated, “We’re at a bookstore here in Denton, Texas, where they’re trying to do drag queen story hour.”

“These are the real cowards, they’re hiding behind their masks, they got their little guns,” he continued. “They think they’re so tough.”

Stein sarcastically told the rifle-wielding men, “I’m so happy you’re protecting these children so they can get indoctrinated and go in there for transgender storytime, you’re such a good American.”

At one point, a man wearing a face mask and holding a sign that read “We’re here, we’re queer” got in the face of Stein while he was walking on the sidewalk. Stein used his left arm to create distance between the two, but the protester fell to the ground.

At the end of the video, Stein said he “loved” the demonstrators and was “empathetic” towards them.

Stein has evoked strong emotions at previous public events.

Stein was spit on while promoting a “provocative comedy night” event at Penn State University with Gavin McInnes.

He proposed the idea of transitioning the iconic Big Tex mascot to a non-binary figure.

Stein rapped a pro-vaccination song at a Dallas City Hall meeting.

The conservative comedian caused a stir when he purposely objectified Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC.

Stein’s upcoming BlazeTV show “Prime Time with Alex Stein” will debut in the Spring of 2023.

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