Communists Play Smash Mouth: Pelosi Announces Democrats Are Going to Steal the House

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They’re going to steal the US House of Representatives!

Nancy Pelosi told her buddy George Stephanopolous on ABC’s This Week on Sunday that the path to control of Congress goes through Arizona, Colorado, and California — where Democrats control the fraudulent elections.

They’re going for the House.

This tweet is going viral on the left. They have no shame. They have no honor. Power is everything.

TRENDING: MORE ARIZONA DATA: Only 17% of Maricopa Election Day Voters Were Democrat, Only 23% of Primary Election Day Voters Were Democrat — But Democrats Are Winning 50% of Delayed Election Day Totals? IMPOSSIBLE!

After a week of “counting” Republicans have 212 seats and Democrats hold 203 seats. Control of the chamber comes with 218 seats.

Communists play smash mouth.

You need to get used to it.

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