The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 108: Cynthia Abcug Goes to Jail and I Get Suspended From YouTube For Talking About Her Case

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It’s finally happened. I got yeeted off YouTube for no good reason. I’m under a two-week suspension for “cyberbullying and harassment” that supposedly occurred during a 13-minute livestream I did when I was on the way to Colorado to cover Cynthia Abcug’s trial. The suspension is garbage, but it happened live while I was recording this week’s podcast. Our VIP subscribers will get to hear me react in real-time to the stupidity that is YouTube’s algorithms.

Also on today’s podcast is the last conversation I had with Abcug before she turned herself in at the Douglas County Jail. As discussed on the show, she will have to pay for every single necessity, like soap, shampoo, and even socks and long underwear. Douglas County Jail appears to work with a for-profit company that sells inmates the basic necessities of life, like shoes. Abcug reveals that the jail only gives inmates flip-flops, and if they want to stay warm in the winter, they must order socks, shoes, and underclothes from a commissary.

If you would like to help Abcug with these minor expenses, just follow this link and create an account, and you can send her a few bucks so she can stay warm for the next two months over the holidays. When you search for her, choose Colorado as the state and Douglas County Jail as the location.

If you would like to send her a card or encouragement (don’t send cash) you can do so at the below address. If you want to hear back from her, include a self-addressed stamped envelope and plain white paper, as she will not have access to those things:

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Cynthia Abcug #889587
co Securus Digital Mail Center – Douglas County Jail
PO Box 509
Lebanon, MO 65536

You can also send her books and sketchbooks (paperback only) through Amazon by using this address:

Cynthia Abcug #889587
Douglas County Jail
4000 Justice Way, Suite 2630
Castle Rock, CO 80109-7547

Cyndie appreciates your prayers and support.

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