NewsBusters Podcast: White House Scribes and Their Diatribes to Biden

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President Biden held a press conference at the White House after the midterms, and some reporters unloaded diatribes. Nancy Cordes of CBS was upset about Biden’s agenda being ruined, and implied the Republicans had ruined Obama’s agenda after two years.

April Ryan complained about “affirmative action” in college admissions taking a severe hit, so severe that it allegedly threatened to dial the clock back to segregation and wreck Brown vs. Board of Education. 

Bizarrely, CNN reporter Phil Mattingly asked about the return of decency and civility, as if Biden or CNN was civil or showed decency to Republicans on a daily basis. Mattingly also asked about Biden going abroad and having to worry about how America looks to the rest of the world, like Trump and the Republicans are always ruining America in global opinion. A Bloomberg News reporter asked if Elon Musk was a “national security threat” now that he owned Twitter. 

Biden was flying to Egypt to talk to other world leaders at the latest United Nations climate summit, or “COP 27.” Our media doesn’t believe there are two sides on climate, or they think the two sides are the doom-and-gloom UN who see climate catastrophe within ten years and those who are more radical on the environment. For all their clucking about democracy, the media don’t really believe in it. They don’t practice having an actual debate on their airwaves, and they clearly don’t have any Republicans or conservatives working in their news rooms. 

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