SoCal: Orange County Republican Reps Young Kim and Michelle Steel Take the Lead in Their Races

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Michelle Steel (L), Young Kim (R)

Orange County, California – Republican Reps. Young Kim and Michelle Steel are both in the lead in their races in this year’s midterm election.

Young Kim

Republican incumbent Young Kim is ahead of Democrat Asif Mahmood in Orange County’s District 40.

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Young Kim is at 59.2% with 101,128 votes to Democrat Asif Mahmood’s 40.8% with 69,779 votes with 57% reporting.

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In 2018, the race was called for Democrat Gil Cisneros over Republican Young Kim who was up by 3 points on election night and was set to be the first Korean-American Congresswoman. The Democrats stole that race with ‘late votes.’

In 2018, Young Kim was up by 3,900 votes on election night with 100% of the precincts reporting according to AP and she ended up losing by 3,000 votes 11 days after the election.

Young Kim came back to fight against corrupt Democrat incumbent Gil Cisneros and won in 2020.

She is in the lead tonight!

Michelle Steel

Republican incumbent Michelle Steel is ahead of Democrat Jay Chen in Orange County’s District 45.

Michelle Steel is at 55% with 75,633 votes to Democrat Jay Chen’s 45% with 61,878 votes.

Michelle Steel flipped Democrat Harley Rouda’s seat red in 2020 and she’s in the lead tonight!

Recall, Orange County, a traditionally conservative enclave in Southern California turned all blue after Democrats found hundreds of thousands of votes post election day in 2018.

Ballot harvesting and mail-in ballots have destroyed California and now the entire country is watching in horror as the Democrats use the same strategy to steal races.

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