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The term Radical is being reassigned just like the gender of many of our school-age children. We have discussed the Democrat tactic of changing the definition of a word to fit their narrative, like the recession. But in this case, they morph a word to weaponize it against their opponents. If you cannot challenge your opponent on the issues, label them a radical and try to make them appear evil.

Joe Biden has been doing this for weeks. He tells crowds that this party is not your father’s Republican Party. This is the Mega MAGA radical party. This party and these people are threats to Democracy and have to be beaten down at the polls. These Anti-MAGA attacks are falling flat and hollow, and the polls indicate a more giant Red Wave than expected.

“We have to decide whether we will be a country that abides by the rule of law or succumb to the evil darkness of radical MAGAs” are the words of our desperate President. He even stoops so low as to connect the attack on Paul Pelosi with January 6th. He stands in front of crowds and spews lies that are fact-checked the next day and walked back by his staff. Too little, too late, as the words have already hit the evening news.

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So, let’s discuss Radical, and you decide who deserves the label.

Democrats believe:

  • A woman should be able to terminate her pregnancy right up to the moment of birth
  • Defunding and/or eliminating the Police
  • Open Borders and no limit to the number of illegal immigrants
  • Voting rights for non-citizens
  • Packing the Supreme Court to modify its ideology 
  • Destroying the fossil-fuel industry for the sake of the environment
  • No-Cash Bail and emptying the prisons
  • Amnesty for all illegal aliens entering through our Southern Border
  • That parents have no say in their child’s education.
  • That CRT has a place in our schools
  • Voiding Student Loans and free college
  • Elimination of the Electoral College
  • Federalizing the election process
  • Children can take steps to transgender without parental consent
  • Sexually explicit books have a place in elementary school libraries
  • Children should be exposed to gender options in third grade

How can any logical person look at that list and say any of those are mainstream and taking ownership of these beliefs is not radical?

Some Democrats and their supporting media went to extremes in the closing days. If they think these bizarre statements will swing voters, then they do not have much respect for those folks, and maybe they do not deserve respect.

Jim Clyburn went where no person ever should by comparing Republicans and anyone who supports them to Hitler’s Nazis.

Sunny Hostin of The View claimed “White Republican suburban women” are “roaches voting for Raid.”

Presidential historian and MSNBC commentator Michael Beschloss suffered an apparent meltdown When he claimed that if Republicans gained power, they would line up and kill children.

These are comments of people who are calling Republicans “Radical”. You cannot make this stuff up, and with a few days to go, we can only wonder if Democrats have hit the bottom of the sewer. The rats are scurrying to get away from these deranged individuals.

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