Watch: Democrat refuses to provide definitive response about whether she supports biological males playing in women’s sports, calls it ‘a nuanced question’

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When asked whether she supports biological males playing in women’s sports, Democratic congressional candidate Marie Gluesenkamp Pérez declined to provide a definitive answer and instead argued that it is “a nuanced question” and would depend on the situation.

Gluesenkamp Pérez is running against Republican candidate Joe Kent for the opportunity to represent Washington’s 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Gluesenkamp Pérez indicated that her position would depend on factors such as when an individual transitioned and what the person’s hormone levels are. “Athletes have all different natural hormone levels,” she said, claiming that the matter represents “a nuanced question.”

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When asked if she supports gender-affirming care for individuals younger than 18, Gluesenkamp Pérez said that she needed to know what the questioner meant.

After the person mentioned puberty blockers and sterilization, the Democratic candidate said that the issue is a decision that should be made by the family, not the government.

The issues of whether biological males should be permitted to compete in women’s sports and whether minors should be able to get gender transition services both represent areas of raging cultural debate as some people promote the reality-defying dogmas of radical leftist gender ideology and others stand for truth and objective biology.

Democrats currently control both chambers of Congress, but Republicans could potentially change that if they perform well during the midterm elections. Election Day is next week, and some Americans have already cast their ballots. President Joe Biden, who is not on the ballot, has been underwater in job approval polling for quite some time. And the election comes as Americans have been enduring roaring inflation month after month.

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