Pennsylvania Conservative Kathy Barnette Urges Her Supporters To Vote For Dr. Oz In PA Senate Race

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Do you remember Kathy Barnette? She is a conservative Republican who ran in the GOP primary for Senate in Pennsylvania earlier this year and shocked everyone by doing extremely well despite being an unknown.

Now she is urging her supporters to vote for Dr. Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

She recently told talk radio host David Webb that she is voting a straight Republican ticket.

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Breitbart News reports:

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Kathy Barnette Urges Her Supporters to Vote for Mehmet Oz

Former Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kathy Barnette called on her base to support the party’s nominee, Mehmet Oz, in his campaign to defeat Democrat candidate John Fetterman.

“First, I hear you on the principles but let’s cut to the chase in politics here,” talk radio host David Webb said. “Are you working and encouraging your base, your substantial base, which could be the difference between a Republican loss in Pennsylvania and a Republican win?”

Barnette said she is “absolutely” encouraging her base to support the Republican nominee.

“Absolutely. And this is not new. This is something I’ve been doing for some time now,” Barnette told Webb. “I have made it very clear, on a number of outlets that I am walking into the ballot box on November 8th and I am voting Republican all the way down, and I encourage those who support me to do the exact same, so that’s not a newsflash.”

Listen to the clip below:

Barnette is even getting out there and campaigning.

Winning this race could make all the difference in the Senate for Republicans.

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