Bernie Sanders blames record-high Halloween candy prices on greedy corporations and gets torched online

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Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) blamed the greed of candy corporations for the high price of Halloween candies, but his claims were mocked and ridiculed by many on social media.

“While the cost of Halloween candy has surged more than 13.1% since last September, the Mars candy bar family became 44% richer during the pandemic increasing their wealth by $32.6 billion. The Mars family is now worth $106.8 billion,” Sanders tweeted Friday.

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“Do you know what’s scary? Corporate greed,” he added.

Sanders was likely responding to a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that said the cost of celebrating Halloween had risen to record levels this year because of inflation. The cost of candy has surged by 13% from last year, the biggest jump ever recorded, while the cost of clothing is up 5.5%, meaning costumes are more expensive too.

Some critics online thought Sanders’ attempt to blame corporations for the damage caused by inflation was unpersuasive.

“You know what’s scary? Someone who has never created or built anything, or ever employed people or had to make payroll, gets to spend 100 years as a Senator doing nothing but tear down what others build up. That’s what’s crazy,” read one response.

“We’re getting close to hearing about how access to low priced candy bars is a ‘human right’. Maybe candy bars would be a little cheaper if the sugar industry in the US didn’t get favors from the government, favors that Bernie himself has long supported,” read another tweet.

“Know what’s even scarier? Government greed, I can choose to not buy candy, but I can’t choose not to fund government,” replied another critic.

Despite the higher price of candy and costumes, Americans are expected to spend about $10 billion on the haunted holiday this year.

Here’s more about Biden inflation ruining Halloween:

Scary Inflation Driving Up Prices For Halloween Candy and Costumes | NBCLA

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