Ulta Beauty Faces Ultra-Backlash for Giving Platform to Man Pretending to Be Woman

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After cosmetics superstore Ulta Beauty released a podcast Oct. 13 featuring a biological male who “identifies” as a woman discussing “girlhood” and “motherhood,” real women are promising to boycott the brand.

“I really think more women need to wake up to this nonsense,” wrote one Twitter user. “I think too many of us have stayed quiet because we don’t want to hurt feelings and are too concerned with being polite. I’ve had enough. I’m not going to be quiet. #WomanFace is disrespectful.”

On today’s edition of “Problematic Women,” we discuss the fallout and how the company is dealing with it.

Also on today’s show,  some Democrats want to redefine infertility. We explain why it matters.  

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And finally, we discuss the three high school girls from Vermont who were punished for asking a biological male to leave their locker room.

Tune in below.

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