China’s Xi Jinping Opens Annual CCP Conference and Announces Full Control of Hong Kong – Taiwan Is Next

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The takeover of Hong Kong is complete.  Taiwan is next.

Chinese Communist Party President Xi Jinping announced in the opening to the CCP’s 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) that the takeover of Hong Kong is complete and Taiwan is next.

The Global Times reported on the event in China.

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President Xi made the announcement in his remarks.  Hong Kong is taken over and Taiwan is next.

Only weeks ago there were reports that Xi was missing and there might be a coup in the country with Xi being replaced.  Clearly, this was incorrect.

In May TGP reported that Hong Kong was fully taken over by China.  Freedoms were eliminated and all is well as long as you do what China says.  The big bully had won.

Once the Freest Economy in the World, Hong Kong Is Now Completely Taken Over by China

Taiwan is next and the world after that. 

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