HUGE! Far-Left Politico Admits Election Machines are Vulnerable to Hacks

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This is just what we’ve been saying for over two years now!
And the fake fact-checkers and Democrat elites called it fake news…

The voting machine hacking threat you probably haven’t heard about
Modems help election officials report results quickly, but security experts say they’re too dangerous to trust.

There are currently several lawsuits involving numerous conservatives and Trump supporters who argued that election machines can be hacked.

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The fake news said this was impossible.

On Friday, after over two years of denying this fact, Politico reported on the hacking threats on election machines that are “too dangerous to trust.”

Politico reported:

There’s a largely overlooked hacking target that could help those who want to sow doubt about vote tallies in the November midterms: cellular modems that transmit unofficial election-night results.

The modems, which send vote data from precincts to central offices using cellphone networks, help election officials satisfy the public’s demand for rapid results. But putting any networking connection on an election system opens up new ways to attack it that don’t require physical access to machines, and security experts say the risks aren’t worth the rewards.

“You’re counting on a bunch of infrastructure to deliver data back and forth, and it’s well within the capabilities of nation-state hackers to break into that infrastructure,” said Dan Wallach, a Rice University computer science professor who has repeatedly exposed flaws in election equipment.

While tampering with unofficial results wouldn’t actually corrupt an election’s outcome, it could fuel misinformation about both the accuracy of the vote tally and the integrity of the process. That’s a particular concern since the 2020 election, in which then-President Donald Trump seized on large discrepancies between early returns and final vote counts to falsely allege widespread fraud.

At least six states — Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan and Minnesota — use modems to transmit results in a combined 36 counties, according to a POLITICO survey. Rhode Island uses them statewide, and Washington, D.C., uses them citywide. Wisconsin, which the nonprofit election integrity group Verified Voting identified as using modem-equipped devices, did not respond to inquiries about whether its counties use the feature.

This is truly a huge development.

Why are they admitting this now?

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