New York Subways Temporarily Halted After Release of Aerosol Spray On Platform

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The New York Subway temporarily halted trains this morning around 10:00 am after an aerosol substance was released on the platform at 14th Street-Union Square.   Several passengers became ill and one passenger was taken to an area hospital.

The MTA alerted New Yorkers that N, Q, R, W, 4, 5 and 6 trains were holding in Manhattan in both directions.

It appears the substance released was pepper spray.

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The New York Sun reports:

The New York City Police Department said first responders observed several sick passengers vomiting and coughing violently after an unknown substance was released on the platform.

The FDNY said they received reports about a suspect “spraying mase” on the platform.

“Someone sprayed something in the air and people started vomiting left and right, a source told The City.

One person was taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment, per FDNY.

Service resumed around 11:30 a.m. but passengers were warned they could experience some delays throughout the day.

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