‘We share a very special friendship’: Aussie football captain and water boy with special needs celebrate together after title win

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The Geelong Cats, who just clinched the 2022 Australian Football League premiership title, are winners both on and off the field, and for proof, we need only watch a sweet clip taken following their premiership victory last week.

On Saturday, the Cats routed the Sydney Swans 133-52 in the AFL Grand Final, capping off a 16-game winning streak in front of nearly 100,000 boisterous fans. Following the victory, team captain Joel Selwood, 34, found team water boy, Sam Moorfoot, 29, in the crowd and brought him onto the field to celebrate with the rest of the Cats.

Moorfoot — who has worked at GMHBA Stadium, where the Cats play their home games, since 2015 and who happens to have Down syndrome — was only too eager to join all of his friends.

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Selwood helped Moorfoot climb over the barrier to the field. Then, as someone yelled, “Put it on,” No. 5 Jeremy Cameron placed his premiership medal around Moorfoot’s neck.

“What a moment,” Moorfoot said. “I’m very proud of my boys to win a premiership.

“Joel said he wanted to get me on the ground. That was the moment of my life, what an honour.”

“I think Joel is amazing,” Moorfoot added. “A great role model but also a little bit cheeky. He treats me like a brother and always looks out for me.”

Selwood also discussed the special bond he shares with Moorfoot.

“We share a very special friendship, and I consider him like family,” said Selwood, who, in addition to captain, also acts as the AFL’s Disability Inclusion Ambassador. “He has my back and I have his.”

Meanwhile, Moorfoot, who plays on the Geelong Dragons of the Football Integration Development Association, had an important game of his own recently. He and the rest of the Dragons faced off against the Kananook Bulls in the FIDA grand final, but fell short, 106-51.

Moorfoot said he couldn’t be happier for his friends on the Cats though.

“There isn’t one player at Geelong that isn’t kind and supportive. They are all my mates.”

Selwood also kicked off the AFL Grand Final by entering the field with Levi Ablett, the son of AFL and Geelong legend Gary Ablett Jr, in his arms. Levi has a rare degenerative disorder.

It is rumored that Selwood, who has been playing for Geelong for 15 years, may soon retire.

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